Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s Mom) “Best Years I Never Had” Book Signing Kick Off Tour in ATL @ The Green Room







On Saturday Jan.7th,2012,I had the pleasure of meeting Frankie Lons at her book signing for her new book “Best Years I Never Had” at The Green Room. This was my first time ever going to a book signing so i didnt know what to expect..I have to say when Frankie entered the building the fans went crazy. Everybody was yelling “Man Down”, “Holla”, “Code 10”. Frankie came in dancing to “Frankie Leg” song of hers. She then came to the front and involved the crowd with the dance. She ask one of her daughters to come to the front and sing for us.. It was BEAUTIFUL…

Frankie signed copy’s of her book for the fans, posed for pics, and ansewered questions before heading to a seperate room for interviews & pictures with the media.

I had the opportunity to be there with a company that i work with, Cise Tv Films for the filming of the event. Cise ask me to present Frankie with a specially made CiseTv Films shirt and Merch. I will never forget this moment, I was very nervous but as i walk up on stage Frankie looks at me and says ” you look like a probation officer.” I couldnt do nothing but laugh. As i presented her with her gift, Frankie hugged me, told me she loved me, continue to pray, and took pictures w/me. This is something i will never forget. Frankie was very uplifting, friendly and wanted everyone to be part of the event. If you didnt know her past, you would never think that she had been through all the trials and tribulations that she has.

Frankie has overcome so much and has herself surrounded with lots of positive people along with her beautiful family.

She has now wrote her first book “BEST YEARS I NEVER HAD”  where it chronicles her journey as a drug addicted single mother who abandoned her children to a top rated TVpersonality, rising music star,and an author ; using her pain as inspiration.

Published through Success Books and Media, “The Best Years I Never Had”  takes the reader through the pains of Frankie’s fight to survive day to day. It bares her personal struggles and uses them to offer women sincere, heartfelt understanding and candid advice about sex, drugs, and overcoming adversities.

“This book will inspire;  it tells the story of a lady who’s been through everything from battling with drugs to resorting to prostitution and everything in between…this is her journey to turn her life around and merge into society.” Frankie’s Manager, acclaimed author and platinum producer Leroy McMath explains that  “She’s showing people that she has changed her life and they can do it too.”

“Best Years I Never Had” goes on sale Jan.20th in stores and can be ordered online

You can follow Frankie on Twitter at @FrankieLons

I want to send special thanks to Cise from CiseTv Films for the invite.. Experence i will never forget, and Trea Davenport for such a great event.. God Bless….

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