Napoleon Da Legend claims to have coined a new genre of rap music – “Reality Rap”. The labels attributed to most modern day rappers just didn’t fit NDL and his take on life, music, and the essence of art. NDL is one of those very few avant-garde artists that dares to be different and stand out from amongst the crowd. His desire to be bold and avant-garde is evident in his reality rap rhymes and reasoning.

NDL’s music is saturated with a relentless lyrical out pour of pure emotion, historical driven storytelling, larger-than-life imagery, and vibrant street-influenced flows. His critically acclaimed raps have drawn comparisons to many of “golden-era” 90’s Hip-Hop legends, which is why NDL is a legend in the making…

NDL is known as modern day urban griot. His music is infused with engaging stories of everyday life, including the pain, the struggle, the journey, and the raw passion behind rhymes and reasons…

Hailing from the infamous D.M.V., N.D.L has made a name for himself, from ripping show after show and feature after feature from the East to the West coast of the U.S. as well as in parts of Europe. He has collaborated with many major artists both in the U.S and in Europe (eg: Red Café, Trina, Rockin’ Squat, Clara Morgan, Matt Houston… etc). Savoir-Faire released the “Prison” 12 inch in 2005, now considered a “collectors” item by many Hip-Hop purists. The year 2010 has represented an official “welcoming party” of sorts for NDL to the Hip-Hop world. His music has been featured on the most prominent and quintessential Hip-Hop shows and websites in the U.S. His classic “Spit in the Wip” (CAC-TV) video showcases a spontaneous display of skill by Napoleon, which ended up getting featured on BET’s the Deal hip-hop show. He has been featured (music, videos, features and interviews) on HiphopDX, Allhiphop, WorldstarHipHop, Sermon’s Domain, DubCNN, among countless other notables on multiple occasions during the year. Napoleon’s ‘Deep Cover’ track and music video, a tribute to the late Big Pun, which is quickly becoming a viral phenomenon with over 60000 total hits (WSHH & YouTube), was used in the promotion of the Big Pun Legacy film and featured on WSHH and HiphopDx. In addition, he recently was interviewed on the world famous Roundtable Hiphop Show with Lenny S, Maya the B and Big Lite featured on

To culminate this eventful year, N.D.L. has released his highly anticipated debut album “The Myth or The Legend” critically acclaimed by the Hip-Hop publications and blogosphere as a “must-have” for true Hip-hop fans. Drawing comparisons with the likes of Kool G Rap, Rakim, Nas & Prodigy (from many reviewers), it is heralded as the “gem” and “reality check” in the Hip-Hop world, saturated with “swag”, “balling”, “shoot em up” rap albums. With all this talk and mystery surrounding this lyrical alchemist, Napoleon has the Hip-Hop world buzzing about what direction he will take his career next. As with history’s most written about icon Napoleon Bonaparte, the question remains whether history will repeat itself or whether history is being rewritten as we speak. Only time with tell…

Here are some Notable Quotes:

MOP’s own Billy Danze:

“When I first checked out Napoleon Da Legend I know this dude has his appreciation for hip-hop culture. A dope emcee with phenomenal rhymes who spits bars like crazy. As a veteran in the game this is something the new generation needs to bring. Napoleon is fire and his record Veni, Vidi, Vici Pt.2 blew me away.”

Soundslam’s ‘Xavier Black’:

If you aren’t familiar with Napoleon Da Legend by now get familiar, because the kid is a shooting star with enormous potential and with a genuine respect for the game, the sky is the limit for this newcomer, who consistently defies the predictable.

‘Demarcus Webb’ – Journalist for many HipHop World renowned sites:

Napoleon kicks a flow even Kool G Rap would be proud of; one of the highest compliments we can ever give out to an emcee. The EP harkens back to many of the great east coast albums that dominated the airwaves in the 90′s. That throwback feel and production are the strong points along with Napoleon’s rhymes. This is definitely an EP people should check out.


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